Recording Session Services

Do you need a horn section for hire? A sax solo for that one track? Layers of woodwinds for your album recording?
Are you adding music to your commercial/ad, presentation, or even a soundtrack? 
Mike can help you with that! 



Does your music require? 

  • Orchestral woodwind parts or solo parts 
  • Horn sections for various styles (Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Salsa, Chamber, etc.) 
  • Improvised solos for a variety of musical styles 
  • Customized horn section parts transcribed and/or arranged for your recording 
  • Contracting and organizing other musicians needed for your recording
  • Can record remotely at-home or using a traditional recording studio if needed

Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, and Flute parts recorded by Mike Wark

"Never Look back" Sax solo: 2:45